​Our purpose is to assist financially challenged pet guardians in the Greater Peak to Peak Region  with veterinary costs when a sudden onset of critical need arises. Our goal is to prevent unnecessary euthanasia or surrender, as healthy communities include companion animals.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Covid hit our organization hard. We have been unable to hold fundraising events for the past two years. It is now time to bring Mountain Paws Pet Care Fund back to life. Join us on Saturday, March 5, 2022 at the Howlin’ Wind Brewery in Rollinsville for an interest group meeting at 1:00 […]


HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT SUPPORTING US THROUGH AMAZON SMILE ? OCTOBER 13-14, 2020 Like many non-profits in 2020 we have been hit hard by COVID-19.  Fund raising is extremely difficult, especially when you are a small non-profit in a rural mountain area. Our goal is to help pet parents with their pet’s medical emergency costs.  […]

Donate through Amazon Smile

Donate through Amazon Smile You can now donate to Mountain Paws Pet Care Fund through Amazon Smile and it will not cost you a penny.  Due to Covid-19 fundraising has become quite a challenge.  Designating us as your preferred charitable organization you can help us make a difference. Click the button above or go to  […]


…and it will not cost you a dime!  Mountain Paws Pet Care Fund is now approved to receive funds from King Soopers Community Rewards program.  Right now it is difficult to raise funds for just about anything, and this is the time that our organization needs the funds the most! If you have a King […]


Information from the American Veterinary Medical Association for Pet Owners   Q: If I am ill with COVID-19 are there special precautions I should take to prevent spreading disease, including when caring for my pet? A: If you are sick with COVID-19 you need to be careful to avoid transmitting it to other people. Applying some […]


  Even though winter is almost over we are about to enter the snowiest time of the year.   If you’re cold they’re cold. Many people believe pets have a thick coat and they don’t get cold like we do, this is not true. Pets are just as susceptible to frostbite as we are and […]

Anesthesia and Your Pet

Anesthesia and Your Pet Anesthesia has come a long way in both the human side of medicine as well as the pet side. Advancements in which drugs are safest to use in older or compromised pets is astounding. Many pet parents cringe when the doctor brings up a procedure where anesthesia is necessary. It is […]